Our overall theme for this praying n fasting season is encountering the unusual grace of God. Grace has been recurring and seems would not only be for this season but even into the new year which is 2 months away. Below are the prayer points:


•    Praise Him for he is your light and direction
•    Praise Him for He is the Alpha and Omega of your life
•    Praise Him for He is your rock and your salvation
•    Praise Him for He is your redeemer
•    Praise Him for He is your wisdom
•    Praise Him for the Holy Spirit
•    Praise Him for the Strength and your Encouragement



•    Praise God for another privilege to join this year’s fast
•    Praise God for taking care of you all through the year
•    Praise God for all the blessing for the year
•    Praise God for watching over you and your family
•    Praise God for He is the Alpha and Omega of your life
•    Praise God for He has made a way in the desert of your life
•    Praise God for He is your friend and He listens to your burdens


•    Sing Praises unto the Lord
•    Worship the El-Elyon
•    Worship the Yahweh
•    Give Him the Praise He deserve.
•    Sing has many songs as you can sing to the Lord.

DAY 4: I PURGE MYSELF LORD. Psalm 51:1-4

•    Purify me Lord
•    Forgive me of all my iniquity Lord
•    Father please make me whole again
•    Father I am sorry for all my wrong, disobedience or any act of ungodliness
•    Lord please wash me clean again
•    Lord please 

DAY 5: HAVE MERCY ON ME LORD. Psalm 102:13, 

•    God please show me mercy
•    God  Let your mercy prevail in my life
•    Lord please let your mercy cancel all my wrongs
•    Lord please let your mercy make me whole again
•    Lord let mercy speak for me in all areas of my life
•    Lord Let your mercy bring something great from my nothing
•    Lord let your mercy find me out this season

DAY 6: MY ALPHA AND OMEGA. Rev 1:8, Rev 22:13

•    Praise the Lord for He is your beginning and your ending
•    Praise the Lord for He knows you from your mother’s womb.
•    Father please make me who you want me to be before the end this year
•    Father I give you my entire life, please use my life for your glory
•    Father please take my life and let it be consecrated unto you Lord
•    Father I surrender all to you Lord, I withhold nothing.
•    My Alpha and my Omega, Let me end my year well
•    Father please make my days flourish for your glory

DAY 7: NO MORE STRUGGLES. Gen 32:25-30

Today’s bible reading talked about a man called Jacob who has struggled all his life running from pillar to pole, using his own wisdom to make the best of life but still had no rest and Peace. Until a day came the day wrestled and God changed his name. 
•    Thank God for another day of prayer
•    Ask the Lord to purify you and make you whole.
•    Father please put an end to struggle in all face of my life
•    Father as I met with Jacob at Peniel, Lord meet with me
•    Jacob got an evidence of meeting you, Lord please let me meet with you
•    Father please let me leave my life in ease with you
•    Father because you are the Alpha and Omega and there is nothing you can’t do please let my struggle change to triumph

Day 8: LOST BUT FOUND 2 King 6:1-7

The text today explained how the axe head burrowed by the sons of the prophets fell into the river. This people were trying to make themselves tents. It’s not a bad idea to have a tent but something happened that wants to stop them: Shame wanted to set in, They Lost the most important tool. Today lost virtue shall be found in Jesus name.
•    Thank you Jesus for another strength to fast
•    Father Please restore me completely
•    Father Every talent I have lost as a result of my carelessness let your mercy find it for me
•    Father please let not my effort in life be wasted
•    Father as I walk in your will for my life, Let me not see shame again in life
•    Please Lord do a miracle in my life and let be locate where exactly needs amendment in my life

DAY 9: NEW BEGINNING. Isaiah 43:18-19

•    Thank you Jesus for another day of prayer
•    Thank God for the strength to fast
•    Thank him for the grace to join this spiritual exercise of fasting
•    Father please do new things in my life
•    Father please plant my feet on higher ground 
•    Father please make a way in my wilderness and provide water in my desert
•    Lord please do the impossibility in my life
•    Father please bring out the best of my life and use it for your glory

DAY 10: THE LORD OF HOST. Psalm 24:7-10

God proving himself has the Lord of Host means He is the God that commands all the forces both on earth and in heavens. The bible verse we are using to pray today explained about the gate that has proved itself very strong but at the introduction of the Lord of Host, the gate was lifted.
•    Father thank you for another day of fasting and prayer
•    Father thank you for you are the Lord of all the Hosts waging war against my life
•    O Lord of host open the flood gates of heaven and let your blessings fall
•    All everlasting doors blocking me from attaining my place of destiny, be lited up in Jesus name
•    Every war I have been fighting all the while, End come to you today in the name of Jesus
•    Lord please let me not see hindrances again in life
•    Father every gate in my heart not allowing the power of God to be revealed through my life be lifted in Jesus name
•    Every gate that is not allowing the power of God revealed in my family be lifted up now

DAY 11: MY CALLING. Ecclesiastes 3:1

Every man born into this world has a purpose of coming to this world, unfortunately the time is not on our side. Time waits for no man, we just shouted happy a new year 10 months ago and it looks like yesterday. We need to get things done now.
•    Thank God for a season like this
•    Thank God because you are still alive to correct every wrong of the past
•    Father please let me not waste my time again in life
•    Lord because you are the owner of time and seasons, if I have gone in my own way please call me back home
•    Father please let me identify and know my calling in life
•    Lord you are the Alpha of my life and the Omega of my life, Please strengthen me in the journey of life
•    Father please let me not miss it in life
•    Father wake me up if I have been sleeping away my destiny all the while

Day 12: THE LORD SHALL ARISE. Psalm 68:1

When the Lord arises, his enemies scatter. The Lords enemies are your enemies. Sickness is your enemy, poverty is your enemy, depression is your enemy, disfavor is your enemy. When we signed up to follow Jesus, the enemy of the Lord has become your own enemy too. Saten and his host ware kicked out from heaven because they were no more at the side of God  and our association with Lord makes sdatan and his host not on our side. The good news is that we are on the side of the Almighy God so we are more than conqueror.
•    Thank God for another opportunity to pray
•    Ask the Lord for mercy in any way you have falling short of His glory
•    Lord arise and let your enemies scatter
•    Lord please let every form of enemy in my life, scatter today
•    Lord arise and scatter of form of sickness in my linage
•    Lord arise let all forms of spiritual wickedness in my foundation be wasted today
•    Father please let my enemies perish at your presence
•    Father please arise and make my home you dwelling place as I surrender all to you


If God does not help a man, he’s on His own. You might have experienced help from the Lord in some areas of your life before now; however, you still need Him. God kept you alive today so that you can rely on Him for sustenance. He knows you can’t achieve anything if He does not send help to you. So call on Him today.
•    Thank God for another privilege to pray
•    Lord please show me help
•    Lord I surrender all to you, Please take charge of all my situation
•    Lord please let it be evident to people around me that I am helped by you
•    Lord help me to be relevant in my generation
•    Lord please bless all the works of my hand
•    Father please help me 


Light is the absence of darkness. Meaning a family with Light of God is a family without any form of darkness. Darkness is not good, Even God know that Light he made is good; Gen 1:4 . Darkness can mean lack of divine direction. Today we shall be asking for the light of God in our homes.

•    Thank God for another opportunity to pray
•    Thank God because He is the beginning
•    Father as you spoke in the beginning, speak light into my family
•    Father please let my children and all other members of family forever remain in your light
•    Father please always shine your light in all areas of my life.
•    Lord let you light make shine and let my spiritual eyes open
•    Father don’t let me see darkness again in life
•    Father because inside you is life and the life is my light. Let me always be full of your life
•    Father let speak your light and let upon the face of the deep. i.e the darkness in my background disappear
•    As from today I shall forever and ever remain in your light o Lord.


Our God is a God of order. When God created man He already made provisions for everything man will need before he was made. He has made the oceans before the fishes. All he made was made in the right order.  Disorderliness is not a good thing. God wants our lives to be ordered because all he made was very good in the beginning.
•    Thank God for another opportunity to pray
•    Thank God because He is a good God and has always been ordering your steps
•    Tell the Lord t please put everything in order in your life
•    Lord please let me be never know disorderliness again in life
•    O Lord please put my home in order
•    Father please give me wisdom I need to put things in there right order
•    Father I invite you into my daily schedule. Please take over


We have been taught that man is a spirit, with a soul in a body. All the three make a whole man. If a man is defeated inside it’s a matter of time he’s already defeated outwardly.  Jesus at Gethsemane knows He was already inwardly attacked, he needed inward strength to fulfill the awesome task so He went into the place of serious prayers.  You need your mind to be incline enough and strong enough for you to attain the victory ahead.
•    Thank you Jesus for another wonderful time of prayer
•    Lord strengthen my inner man today as I commit to your word
•    Lord please don’t let me sleep away when I need to be watching and praying
•    Father everywhere my soul has been tormented please deliver me today
•    Father please speak peace to every storm in my mind
•    Father let me be more than conqueror in the battle field of my mind
•    Father please let my soul forever be connected to you
•    Father please let every negative thoughts be chattered in the name of Jesus
•    Lord speak serenity into my soul that people around me will know that I have the Peace of God in my life
•    Father please take away every problems affecting my soul.

DAY 17: MY TIME OF BREAKTHROUGH. 2 Chron 26:11-15

Today we shall be asking the Lord for breakthrough. Breakthrough means a sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development. If we are asking the Lord for breakthrough in career you mean you are asking the Lord to give you something that will make you outstanding in that career. Breakthrough as a father means the wisdom on ways to train your children in the way that will be outstanding. One breakthrough from the Lord is better than years of Labour. Labouring day and night is not the way out, the way out is a major breakthrough from the Lord
•    Thank God for another opportunity to pray
•    Father I thank you for all the breakthroughs I have gotten from you in time past
•    Father please give me a major breakthrough before the end of this year
•    Father please give your children one major breakthrough in this country
•    Father please let us have financial breakthrough
•    Lord please let us have a breakthrough that will turn people to Christ by listening to our story
•    Father let us never know better yesterday, let our tomorrow be better
•    Father please make me better in the good works of my life.

DAY 18: GRACE TO FINISH WELL. 2 Chron 26:16-23,Act 20:24, 2 Tim 4:7

God is the alpha and Omega meaning He has the power to start and the Power to finish. It’s a good thing to complete a project or a task well. There is always a sense of relief and accomplishment. We need grace to finish well any given task. It’s not just to finish but to finish well. God wants to finish well in life.
•    Thank God for another opportunity to pray
•    Father please help me to finish every Gods given abandoned project in life
•    O Lord please help me to finish my race in you well
•    Father please let me not be tired of doing good. Strengthen me Lord
•    Father please don’t let me get to the point where my heart will be lifted up to my destruction like Uzziah.
•    Lord uphold my hands please don’t let me fall spiritually 
•    Lord please let me not be abandoned by you
•    Lord please let me finish well as a son/daughter, Father/mother, husband/wife, Ministry/Career and in all other areas of my life


A change is an act or process through which something become different. Things can change for good or for bad. Example, Saul change from good to bad(1 Sam 16:14), Jabez changed from a child sorrow to someone blessed indeed(1 Chron 4:9-10). Also, something can change from better to best. I pray that we shall change from better to best.
•    Thank God for another opportunity to pray
•    Father please change my story from good to better and from better to best.
•    Father please blow the wind of change for greater height to my direction
•    Father please as you changed David from an ordinary shepherd bow into a king please remember me in my low state and lift me up
•    Father please go to the foundation of my life and change every correct every foundation
•    Father you can change a man completely, take away every character/habit that wants to lead me to hell
•    Father please let me never experience dryness again in life.

DAY 20: ABUNDANCE OF GRACE. Romans 5: 17, 2 Corinthians 9: 8

•    Lord let me enjoy unusual level of grace for the remaining part of this year and next year
•    Lord please make all grace abound towards me IJN.
•    Lord let my life be grace personified IJN


•    Give the Lord a shout of Praise. 
•    Appreciate God for answered prayers.